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Point Of Sales system will provide the core feature of other POS system, support multiple store (outlets) and offline transaction. User will synchronize data back to the server at the end of the day, eliminating the needs to stay online and unable to process sales during offline time.

Point Of Sales module will stored a local, temporary database with SQL Server Express, and each time the data synchronize to the server, it will reset and match the server records, eliminating all not tally records. Point Of Sales system heavily rely on .Net Remoting architecture, scaling the system from online to offline. With the 3-tier design, each server will serve 20 clients simultaneously, and additional server can be easily added to serve more clients.

Point Of Sales System are separated into front-end and back-end, we start introduction from backend, next page you will see the Powerful POS Client.Distribution Order - Help to distribute new stock from warehouse to every outlets, so you don't need to issue one Delivery Order per outlet.

POS Daily Sales - POS daily sales of each outlets in one screen. POS Item Sales - POS Item Sales by each outlet, detail of daily item sales. POS Tender Sales - Daily sales by outlet, group by currency. Posting to Sales - Sales data send to General Ledger, you can consolidate all outlets and send them at once!

POS Login Dialog - Login to POS client, normaly this program will stay with one outlet. POS Client - The POS Client program will stored data locally; at the end of the day, retailer can send data back to server.POS client has all the major feature of a Point of Sales, developer can easily extend the functionality.Default POS Client is full functional, just add proper hardware and ready to go.



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