Once you have signed up to the solution9 website backup service we will provide you with a single highly secure PHP APIwhich you will upload to your website (we provide automated and manual installation tools).Once the PHP API is installed, solution9 (and only solution9) can connect to your server to view your files and databases. You simply select the files and database tables you want to backup, specify how often you want them backed up and how many backups you would like to store and you're done, myRepono will automatically backup your selected data.At anytime you can login to view your backups, you can download your backups for offline use or you can view individual files using the online tools. Whenever you need to restore your data from a backup you simply login, select the files you would like to restore and solution9 will automatically backup the current versions of your files and restore the selected versions.

Select Files & Databases To Backup

The Solution9 website backup service gives you complete control over what data you backup, you can select individual files/directories and individual database tables to backup, or you can backup your complete site and database in full.

Solution9 enables you to backup any type of file using the simple web-based backup management system. You may add an unlimited number of websites and databases to your account to automate the backups for all your projects.

Customise Your Backup Schedule

Once you have chosen your data to backup you simply choose how frequently you would like to backup the data, and how many copies of your backup you would like archived. You can choose backup locations to control where in the world your backup data is stored, and you can choose mirror locations to duplicate copies of your backups across the globe, ensuringfull catastrophic disaster protection.

Solution9 automatically manages all your backup processing enabling you to focus on your life, not your backups.

Why Should I Worry About Backing Up?

One web site is being hacked every 5 seconds, this doesn't just affect big name corporations, over 50% of online hacking affects small and medium size businesses, and non-profit organisations.

Combine this with the risk of hosting company error, hard drive failure, natural disasters, virus attacks and human error, the chances that your data will be disrupted and you will need to access a backup of your web site data over the upcoming year are very high.

Many web hosting companies do offer backup services, but few allow you to access individual files or database tables. In addition to this, you will often find that your web hosting company isn't storing recent or relevant backups, and that's assuming their backup restoration system actually works which many do not.

Want To Know More?

For more detailed information regarding the solution9 website backup service please contact us.

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